Testimonials from former students


Andrew Rafferty, Hartlepool United

"Dave and Lee, really got my career started in football. I had to work extremely hard to prove myself and to make their first team. They worked with me on my technique, mobility and agility as a goalkeeper. Eventually, I gained in confidence, as their faith in me was rewarded with trials at Southampton, Wigan and West Bromwich Albion, before being signed by Hartlepool. 

Thank you Dave and Lee."





David Harrison, University of Kentucky

"I would like to say a big thank you for all the help and support given me, by Dave and Lee Cowling. The tuition and coaching was outstanding and really developed my skills and performance. With their help and encouragement, I have matured and grown into a hardworking and motivated young football player. The coaches at Esprit Football Academy provide a very positive role model for anyone to aspire to. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today and would not have made “All American Soccer Rookie of the Year, 2009" if it were not for their enthusiasm, commitment and extensive coaching knowledge and techniques which they passed on to me."




Josh Simnett, University of Tennessee

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank the coaches at Esprit Football Academy and in particular Dave and Lee Cowling for their support, excellent coaching and mentoring, which enabled me to be successful in the American Collegiate system. The coaching I received from them was top draw and was instrumental in me representing England at College level.






Sam Vernalls, University of Kentucky

"During my 3 years with Dave and Lee Cowling I learned a vast amount of footballing know how, not only position specific, but my role within a team, which I believe has allowed me to be able to spend as much time in the States as I have.

I enjoyed and appreciated every single training session that was delivered by Dave and Lee and would like to take this opportunity to thank them both."







From the football industry:

“As a professional footballer who has played in the Premier League and Championship for most of my career, I know what it takes to be a professional and maintain a career in football, at the highest level.


I know….the coaching team at Esprit Football Academy well and regard them as some of the finest coaches in the game today. They train like the pros and they are set up like a pro Academy.


Esprit Football Academy is the best place for any aspiring young footballer not at a club”

Andy Dawson – Scunthorpe

“The Professional Footballers’ Coaches Association (PFCA), fully supports and endorses Esprit

Football Academy and the quality of its programmes, management and coaching staff…(and) are pleased to be associated with Esprit Football Academy, which exclusively uses ex-professional footballers, who have played at all levels of professional football, to coach the young players of tomorrow.


This is an exciting venture and offers young football players another chance to develop a career in this sport.”

Dave Richardson - PFCA Chairman 

“The coaching team at Esprit Football Academy know football, inside and out and know what clubs require in a player, of the highest standard, for the modern game.


If you apply yourself and listen to and learn from these coaches, there is no better preparation for the professional game than Esprit Football Academy.”

Malcolm Elias – Head of Talent ID, Fulham FC


From Esprit Football Academy student-athletes:


"I would like to…thank Esprit Football Academy for giving me the opportunity to work with them for a season, especially the two coaches Dave and Lee Cowling for their support. The coaching was outstanding, day in day out and it has really built me as a player and I can honestly say without their belief in me, I could have never managed to build myself up to the player I am now.


Thanks Esprit Football Academy for the time and effort that was put in."

Szabi (19) - UK/Hungary


"….the intensity of the training (at Esprit Football Academy),and the professionalism of it all was just amazing....."

Jake (17) - UK


 “I'd like to thank you for the time I've had at Esprit! It was excellent…The coaches, have been phenomenal and inspiring; I appreciate such dedication, (and), I believe I can become a better player in all aspects of the game.”

Mohamed (19) – U.A.E.


“The coaching I have received at Esprit Football Academy is the best that I have ever received and I know that I am improving as a player. I am competing against players at the top of the game in England, as part of the Esprit Football Academy squad and this is so important, if I am to make the next step into a professional club.”

Ali (23) - Oman


“I would never have had the level of coaching and opportunities to be seen and compete at the highest levels in football anywhere else, other than at Esprit Football Academy….


The coaches are brilliant and I had a great time at the Academy. I loved every minute of it….. If you are serious about football, then there is no better place to be, than Esprit Football Academy…..Take my word for it!”

Nitesh (18) – U.A.E.


From parents:


“…. let me take this opportunity to thank you all for giving our son a most wonderful experience over the past year, it is one that he will never forget.  To all the friends he made and the care and dedication you all showed during his time with you we thank you deeply.


Thanking you in advance and once again for all that you have given to our son.”

Mrs ZammitMalta 

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