Endorsements from leading bodies within football

Esprit Football Academy has already secured the support of many of the leading bodies and names within football today.

Andy Dawson - Hull City

As a professional footballer who has played in the Premier League and Championship for most of my career and as Club Captain, I know what it takes to be a professional and maintain a career in football, at the highest level.

I know Dave and Lee Cowling and the team at Esprit Football Academy well and regard them as some of the finest coaches in the game today. They train like the pros and they are set up like a pro Academy.

Esprit Football Academy is the best place for any aspiring young footballer, who is not at a club, as you will receive the best training, at excellent facilities and you play against top teams. This is the best environment for young players to develop and the coaches will maximise individual performance and get each individual playing as part of a team.

I believe in Esprit Football Academy so much, that I have committed to becoming an Ambassador for the Academy and will visit as often as I can, to provide coaching, mentoring and support to players at Esprit.

 I look forward to seeing you there.


Huw Jennings - Fulham Football Club

"I believe that the Esprit Football Academy will give a second chance to promising young players who have been released by their clubs, or who somehow slipped through the net.

I know the team at Esprit well, and Dave and Lee Cowling especially. They are some of the very best coaches in youth development today and provide top level training to rival any you would receive at a professional club.

If you want to know what life is like inside a professional football club, Esprit Football Academy is the place to go to. They take care of their football scholars and understand what it takes to develop a player for the modern game. They also, provide a wide range of opportunities to see what other options there are in professional football.

You will get a great football education at Esprit Football Academy!"

Joey Jones - Liverpool and Wales legend

"I played at Huddersfield Town with Dave Cowling and enjoyed his approach to the game. Dave was a top professional and is a first-class coach. Esprit Football Academy provides a first-class football education and delivers the real experience of what it is like to be in a professional football club. This is a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone with a desire to live the dream."

Malcolm Elias - Head of Talent ID and Recruitment at Fulham Football Club

“I have worked with the coaches at Esprit Football Academy for many years and have a very high regard for their professionalism, integrity and experience. I trust their knowledge and know that I can rely on their judgement about a player’s ability. In fact, so much so, that we have signed players based upon their recommendation.

The coaching team at Esprit Football Academy know football, inside and out and know what clubs require in a player, of the highest standard, for the modern game.

If you apply yourself and listen to and learn from these coaches, there is no better preparation for the professional game than Esprit Football Academy.”


Mick Buxton - Former Sunderland and Huddersfield Town Manager

"I am very pleased to be associated with Esprit Football Academy. The Academy is of the highest standard and is a great place for young players to learn the game and to understand what it takes to make it in football today.

I am passionate about the need to provide additional opportunities for young players to fulfil their potential and, wherever possible, to succeed in the game. I have been involved in youth development at clubs and in the Premier League and it's an aspect of the game that I enjoy and get lots of satisfaction from.

Importantly, there is a right way and a wrong way to develop young players and at Esprit Football Academy, they do things the right way. Not everyone will make it to the top, but you will take away with you some great memories and contacts that you cannot get anywhere else."

Dave Richardson - Chairman of The Professional Football Coaches Association (PFCA)

The Professional Football Coaches Association (PFCA), fully supports and endorses the Esprit Football Academy and the quality of its programmes, management and coaching staff. We will work in association with Esprit Football Academy to support and continually develop the coaching staff. The PFCA are pleased to be associated with Esprit Football Academy, which exclusively uses ex-professional footballers, who have played at all levels of professional football, to coach the young players of tomorrow. In partnership, the PFCA and Esprit Football Academy, together, will ensure that this programme remains at the leading edge of football development and coaching in the UK and worldwide, based upon expertise, professionalism and integrity."

This is an exciting venture and offers young football players another chance to develop a career in this sport."


Michael Seabolt, Associate Head Coach - Missouri State University, Men's Soccer

“It is important that players coming to Missouri State University are of the right calibre for our team on and off the field. We have high expectations for our players, as they will be playing against some of the best players in the USA University system.

We trust the team at Esprit Football Academy, who understand the level of playing ability and the type of footballers that we are looking for. We take the opinion of the team at Esprit Football Academy seriously and a recommendation from Esprit means a lot. We are far more likely to select a player that comes from an environment and background we know and can trust.”

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