Academy Life

Academy Life

Academy Life


Free Time

Social life and the interaction with other players is an essential part of the Academy experience. The experience at Esprit Football Academy is truly global, bringing together young players from all over the world. This provides a great opportunity to experience and understand different languages and cultures and to establish lasting friendships.


During the days, we concentrate on football and education. This can be tiring and many players like to relax in the evenings and at weekends and take a break from football and enjoy their free time.



There are plenty of social spaces and opportunities to relax, get to know each other. There are also a range of excursions – including some cultural interest, combined with sight-seeing, shopping, or arranged tours, for example:  York; Manchester; Leeds; Lincoln; Nottingham – as well as recreational, leisure and team-building activities, such as: swimming; water–based team building courses. Activities are selected in accordance with the Academy programme and fixtures, weather conditions and are subject to availability/demand.


Additional leisure activities may be arranged, which will incur additional expenditure – such as: go-karting; laser quest; paintballing; golf/driving range; and archery - subject to demand and availability.


In addition, as part of our package, Esprit Football Academy players will receive free gym membership to one of Britain's largest and award winning, sports and leisure complexes, with over 52 different activities available - including aerobics, circuit training, swimming, badminton, squash and yoga – increasingly popular with football players, such as Brad Friedel.


Character Building

At Esprit Football Academy we aim to develop our players to be role models, who are equipped fully to meet the challenges that sport and life bring with them. For many players this is part of their transition into adulthood. For some this is their first experience of living away from home and of having to get on with a range of people from diverse and different backgrounds.


Many parents have remarked upon the transformational nature of our programmes on their son’s behaviour, attitude and approach to life. This is due to the fact that, at every opportunity our student-athletes are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and are responsibile for:


  • their own time management,
  • washing their own clothes
  • maintaining their accommodation facilities in good order
  • upholding behavioural standards and codes of conduct


Some will go through a ‘culture shock’, especially when away from home for the first time, or away from their home nation, which they will ultimately emerge from, stronger and more capable and self-reliant, in the end.


Academy Ambassador Scheme

Each year, Esprit Football Academy will select one, or two “Academy Ambassadors”, who provide an active voice for the body of student-athletes and are central to the success of Esprit Football Academy:


  • attending meetings and liaising with management staff, to represent the other student-athletes
  • providing feedback and suggestions regarding improvements that can be made to continue the positive changes at Esprit Football Academy
  • being a role model, leader and mentor for the other student-athletes with regard to all aspects of Academy life
  • welcoming new student-athletes to the Academy
  • providing orientation tours of the facilities to new and potential student-athletes and their families
  • organising and running residence meetings
  • arranging and co-ordinating leisure activities


The scheme has been developed to promote leadership, self-confidence, responsibility and organisation. It promotes the development of additional skills that are directly transferable to sport and life. For each of the Academy Ambassadors, this will greatly enhance their CV's and offer a head start in life.


Open Forum

In addition to the Academy Ambassadors role, we often seek the ‘voice’ of the whole body of players and will consult them on a range of issues in an open forum.  All the players are encouraged to discuss the matter and contribute thoughts and ideas. Many key decisions are made this way and allow all students to participate in matters of importance to Academy life.


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